Vlad Nikolaenko

Environmental Science Web Developer

Key skills: programming, web development, UI/UX, GIS, physical geography, quaternary geology, geomorphology

Vlad strongly believes modern technologies should benefit people. By combining programming skills with relevant environmental data, we can achieve outstanding results and make our world a better place to live.

At ESSA, Vlad combines his Earth sciences background and programming skills to create data visualization and analysis tools, integrate and migrate data between the databases, and build web applications. He is constantly developing his programming knowledge, specifically geospatial data analysis and computer vision with Python.
Vlad holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Geography from Saint-Petersburg State University. Before joining ESSA, he studied geography and worked as a quaternary geologist in a research institute where he created cartographical materials using GIS software, analyzed raw and remote sensing data, and actively engaged in fieldwork. After first attempting at coding, Vlad fell in love with the craft, so much so that he taught himself to code and switched his career to web development. Working as a developer, he gained hands-on experience managing databases, building interactive web applications with JavaScript, and perfecting their front-end part with modern frameworks such as Vue.js. His main area of strength is creating elaborate user interfaces that are both clear and efficient.

In his spare time, Vlad enjoys hiking, camping, and kayaking. He considers staying in the countryside the best way to boost emotional health and achieve harmony with the world. As Gary Snyder said, “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” As such, Vlad has spent over a year living in the wild during field trips and recreational hikes. While in the city, he loves to explore new places by bike, woodwork and play hockey. Being a developer, Vlad also finds great joy in building his coding projects for both personal and public use.

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