September 3, 1988

Don Robinson starts at ESSA

Don Robinson starts at ESSA
July 3, 1988

Modelling Forest Carbon

ESSA started working on a model of forest carbon for all of Canada, including trees, soils, and the wood forest products that ultimately end up in buildings, libraries, land fill sites or the atmosphere. Modelling forest carbon became the primary focus of ESSA employee Werner’s […]
February 3, 1987

Timber Harvesting Impacts in Ontario

During the period from 1986 to 1988 ESSA was engaged in an intensive series of meetings and analyses on the effects of timber harvesting on northern Ontario fish and wildlife, and tourism. The project led to some very innovative adaptive management experiments by scientists at […]
March 3, 1986

Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS)

For over 20 years, we have enjoyed continuous collaboration with scientists from the US Forest Service, working closely together on a wide variety of scientific and decision support problems. One of these partnerships has focused on the development of the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS), a […]
May 3, 1984

Snowmelt Pranks

In the olden days before word processors our dedicated secretaries would type everything out. We were working very hard to finish a proposal on the effects of snowmelt on lake and stream acidification. Dave reading his bio-blurb “In fact, he’s probably the best f%#@*!* acidification […]