Adaptive Management Plan for the Elk Valley

Project Details

Elk Valley, British Columbia
Teck Coal
2015 – 2022
Team Member(s):
Carol Murray, David Marmorek, Clint Alexander, Donald Robinson, Rachel Hodgson With Ryan Hill, Beth Power and Brian Pyper (Azimuth Consulting Group) to 2017
Practice Area(s):
Adaptive Management
Services Employed:
Adaptive Management plan development, implementation guidance, reporting, facilitation

The Need

Teck Coal was seeking assistance in preparing an adaptive management plan to support implementation of the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan (EVWQP). The EVWQP was developed to address specific constituents of concern as well as calcite formation downstream of Teck’s steelmaking coal mines in the Elk Valley, associated with historical, current and planned future mining activities.

How We Helped

We helped Teck design and develop the Water Quality Adaptive Management Plan (AMP), and we continue to help Teck with implementation, annual reporting, and regular updates to the Adaptive Management Plan.

Our Project’s Impacts

The Water Quality Adaptive Management Plan and regular reporting under the plan conveys the key uncertainties being reduced under each of six Management Questions in the AMP, how they are being reduced, the progress being made, in reducing them, and learnings under the AMP.