MERCI (Management and Evaluation of River Catch and Effort Information) is a data management and catch estimation system for aerial-access and aerial-roving creel surveys.

This system provides data warehousing and weekly catch statistics for roving and access site creel surveys. MERCI has been used successfully since 1998 by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to assist with in-river catch monitoring and is now an integral part of DFO’s management of First Nations chinook and sockeye salmon fisheries on the Fraser River.

It can be adapted for use in any access or roving survey design which provides:

  • catch interviews
  • total instantaneous counts of gear for the study area and
  • 24-hour effort profiles (i.e., proportions of gear fishing at different hours of day)


MERCI Interface and Sample Output Catch Estimate

Keywords & Themes: Data management / Catch estimation / Statistical analysis tools / Fisheries resources

Key Contacts

Clint Alexander
Director of Operations / Practice Area – Ecological Water Resources