Dr. Craig Fischenich (Associate)

President – FIScH Engineering | Engineer

Key skills: river engineering, hydraulics, hydrology, sediment transport technology, geomorphology, aquatic and riparian ecology, multi-objective optimization, decision support, adaptive management, cross-disciplinary modeling, model development, GIS/spatial data analysis, research, technical writing and editing, and team leadership

Craig’s focus is on integrating engineering, ecology, and socioeconomics to address complex water resource problems.

Craig has over 40 years of experience as a researcher, practitioner, and educator focused on the restoration, conservation, and management of aquatic and riparian ecosystems. As the Principal Investigator for the USACE on ecosystem restoration, he developed an extensive array of models, tools, techniques, and guidance supporting the Corps’ policies and practice for aquatic ecosystem restoration, fish passage, dam removal, environmental benefits assessment, and geomorphic and engineering analyses. He conducted more than 400 ecosystem restoration, habitat enhancement, streambank stabilization, flood control, and river engineering projects in several countries and most of the U.S. states. He led the coastal restoration efforts after Hurricane Katrina and was instrumental in the incorporation of green infrastructure into the Hurricane Sandy recovery. He is an adaptive management advocate and authored the Corps’ AM Implementation Guidance. Recently, he has been engaged in resource evaluation and development designs in support of green energy initiatives. He has received international recognition for his work, is a frequent lecturer on related subjects, and has garnered numerous accolades, awards, and other recognition.

Craig earned his B.Sc in Civil Engineering and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. During this time, he worked for the South Dakota Department of Fish and Game, where he designed and oversaw the construction of stream restoration, fisheries development, and recreation projects, including the fish imprint and spawning stations, boat ramps, roads, hydraulic structures, wastewater facilities, and other aspects of fisheries development for the Missouri River. After ten years working as a practitioner, Craig took a year off to earn his PhD in Hydraulic Engineering from Colorado State University. His dissertation involved developing equations of flow through vegetation, which addressed a critical need on hundreds of river systems with a need to balance flood mitigation with habitat requirements for several endangered species.

When Craig is not working, he is typically busy with his grandchildren or one of his many hobbies, which include woodworking, art, custom knifemaking, hunting, fishing, and precision shooting. Craig lives in Vicksburg, MS, with his wife, Lisa. His latest project is a collaboration on a cookbook with his granddaughter Addison.

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