Lorne Greig (Associate)

Emeritus Environmental Scientist

Key skills: adaptive management, decision analysis , policy analysis, facilitation and public consultation, environmental mediation, environmental and cumulative effects assessment

Since joining ESSA in 1982, Lorne’s consulting practice has focused on developing evidence-based approaches to environmental management through support of Adaptive Management research designs, and environmental risk analysis. Ecological modeling is an essential component of this work. Much of Lorne’s work has involved collaborative analysis with multi-disciplinary groups of scientists, resource managers, aboriginal participants and stakeholders. Lorne is a highly accomplished facilitator with 27 years of experience guiding multi-agency scientific meetings and workshops. His facilitation expertise is also applied in his work on environmental conflict resolution, and facilitation of public advisory groups. Examples of some of Lorne’s experience include: a conceptual ecosystem model of the Lake Ontario fish community; a model based management approach to the Sea Lamprey control program in the Great Lakes; decision analyses for American eel in the Great Lakes; Pathways of Effects models for Fisheries and Oceans Canada; and advice to the Mackenzie Gas Project Joint Review Panel on matters related to cumulative impact assessment.


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